What If?



Service Designer

Project Context:

Designing Service to Nuture your Creative Potential



My Individual Contribution

Eureka! We all are familiar with the wickedness of ideas. It's great when it comes but till that time.....nothing.! This is true for all the people in creative domain as maintaining constant stream of valuable and original ideas is difficult. Hence, we designed a service called 'What if?' to solve this problem. It helps you unlock your creative potential through developing positive habits.

This project is part of my National Institute of Design education journey. We researched, designed and launched this service for National Institute of Design campus students. I contributed in conceptualizing the service framework by evaluating user needs with the purchasing power of the community. Also, I was responsible for designing journey maps, blueprint, marketing campaigns, financial planning and execution.

Project Skills

Service Design

Design Research

Project Planning and Management

Project Brief

To design and implement a service which helps design-students improve their idea-generation(ideation) skills


We designed and implemented a service which was aimed at improving the idea generation skill by cultivating a habit of exploration and remote association. It helps user nurture their creative exploration by cultivating positive habits and expanding their worldview.


It created a positive design community where ideas are celebrated. Some students developed interest in new fields of knowledge, feeding their curiosity. It broke initial mental hesitation of venturing into new domain.

Service Blueprint

What did I learn from this project?

  • Every touchpoint in the service is equally important as a user will judge entire service quality and approach by a seemingly trivial interaction. So, we ended up planning even the gestures and behaviour of our working team.

  • It is easy to create an artificial hype for any product because of today’s social media tools and techniques; but it is extremely difficult to meet those expectations after launch. As a service designer, we need to plan for the law of diminishing marginal utility.

  • Through What if, I learnt how to alter social behaviour through design processes. If planned correctly, new habits and associations can be formed which overpowers existing human behaviour patterns.