Product Designer

Project Context:

Designing Fitness band for Tata Technologies



My Individual Contribution

Vibe was designed for competition entry in wearable design competition. Tata Technologies required a health wearable device for upper-middle socio-economic class Indian user. We designed Vibe which eliminates the need of a visual display an rather focuses on more intuitive haptic feedback for communication.

I contributed by conducting the design research to understand the need and visualizing ideations. I also worked on the haptic technology and provided design guidelines to develop required haptic language.

Project Skills

Product Design


Design Research

Project Brief

Design a modular holistic health wearable. The focus has to be to optimise the wearable design for comfort, non-invasiveness, ease of use, communication and efficiency.


A health wearable called Vibe which can be used as a lifestyle product and uses haptic feedback for communication to give a non-intrusive user experience


Challenges encountered during this project opened new opportunities for exploring haptic technology. It also unraveled the need for better interaction vocabulary and behavioural design for non-visual mediums like touch.

Concept Exploration


Fitness Band Visualization

Vibe- Device Description

Vibe- Device Attached with Band

Vibe- Easily Removable Thermoplastic Elastomer Band

Vibe- Marketing Visual

What did I learn from this project?

  • Vibe was developed during the initial period of my NID education and it was a very good crash course on Product Design for me.

  • Technically, the project was one of my biggest failure. We overshot deadline, couldn't distribute and manage tasks amongst team, invested a large chunk of time in research which gave us very little time for ideation and render.

  • But, it gave me an opportunity to understand our mistakes and master those skills for upcoming projects. It laid the foundation for future successful projects.

  • Vibe taught me the importance of teamwork as there are no individual rockstars. It is crucial to have thoughtful processes in place while working in a team.