User Experience Research



User Experience Researcher

Project Context:

Growth Research for OLX- Emerging Markets



My Individual Contribution

OLX Group operates a network of market-leading trading platforms in over 40 countries that are used by more than 350 million people every month to buy and sell almost anything.

In 2019, I joined OLX Global User Research Team which supports all the research requirements within OLX Group of companies. During my initial tenure, my work revolved around supporting emerging market user research requirements which includes Usability Testing, User Interviews, Customer Journey Mapping, User Personas and Secondary Research.

During my time at OLX, I was part of pan-India Growth Research which served strategic decision-making within the organization.

Project Skills

UX Research

Research Design

Qualitative Research

The intent behind this webpage is to help you understand the nature of my work and contribution at OLX Group. I would not be able to share project details and methodologies as it is protected under NDA.

What did I learn from this project?

  • I learnt that active communication is the key for any successful project. When a project involves multiple stakeholders, it is crucial that entire team has common understanding of the project and everyone is updated with latest information.

  • Learning how to pitch ideas and projects to multiple stakeholders including Business, Marketing, Fellow Researchers, PMs was a key highlight.

  • I learnt how to align user research process with product development cycle to achieve maximum impact.