What is meaningful? Work or Fun?


Everyday I see various deeds which contradict itself. People use elevator to arrive at a place where they workout (I am no exception). You cannot explain these scenarios without setting a context. The point is- what is that driving force which can make you run 5 kms on treadmill but don’t force you to climb 100 steps. Is there an upper limit to the benefits you want to achieve? What is the difference between a chef cooking Maggi for a client and a mother doing the same for her child? For establishing the argument, let's imagine that they both can cook similar quality of Maggi Noodles; In that case, who do you think might be under more stress? What created that environment of stress ?

When you hit the ball in your room its fun but when you do the same during a cricket match, it becomes a shot. If we try to understand it on face value then the reason could be the change of place, situation, context. But what created that situation and context, is more important. Someone or something created that context.

It means that if you place another person in the same condition, one’s response might or might not be the same. It varies according to his/her point of view. If that is the case then we can ask the most important question: What is the most important thing in your life? ……. Try to understand your answer in terms of context. Analyse what conditions gave that particular thing more importance over other seemingly trivial things. Your thought-process gave it some kind of meaning which made that thing important in life. That meaning is the sole reason that you want to achieve that thing. It means that every situation is just the play of meanings. You remove the meaning and your achievements become mere acts. You tweak the meaning to your advantage and the act becomes fun. There is no such thing as boring fun.

If you change your “Nazariya”(outlook) then everything is important and everything is fun.