Playing with Physics @ 70 Km/hr

During my time at Nirma University, I was part of an Automobile Design team- Team Stallions. We designed and manufactured an all terrain vehicle from scratch for BAJA SAE INDIA Competition and bagged several awards.


Engineering is all about learning the inner-workings of the life around you. In classrooms, we focus on the prevalent theories and models which are already been invented. However, I had set myself different trajectory during my engineering period; I wanted to get the glimpse of these theories at play. Hence, I applied to be a part of the prestigious group called- Team Stallions at Nirma University to quench my engineering curiosity and got selected.

As a member of the group, my schedule was pleasingly converted from 40 hr/week to 80 hr/week where we used to manage our time between attending classes, learning theories in the morning and applying this knowledge to design an automobile at night.

Designed and Manufactured from Scratch

Tested for Extreme Conditions

Team Stallions- Represented University at National Platform

BAJA Competition Track

Team won Go Green Innovation Award- 1st Prize

The beast itself!