Making future present!

I am a UX Researcher & Strategist from Bangalore, India. I like to work on transdisciplinary projects which generate value for customers as well as businesses.

Due to rapid technological advancement, seemingly impossible things are becoming feasible. On the other hand, our highly evolved intuition is going for a toss because of heavy use of tools to accomplish any task. We are becoming more interested in having rather than being.

In this complex scenario, how can we strike a balance between technology and human-ness ?

How can we make our technologies more humane?

What should be the core of innovation? feasibility or need?

Today, our major challenge lies in understanding and embracing ourselves as humans.​ It is like prescribing medicine without knowing symptoms or understanding the root-cause.​

To address this challenge, my work focuses on uncovering the hidden beauties of our human systems and aims to create designs which augment their beauty. We can achieve this by crafting better processes. Everything that we have ever built, is the result of some complex processes and these processes can be choreographed to  serve our human-ness.​

I strive to balance latest technologies with human-ness to design meaningful solutions.​

​I have received my formal education in Mechanical Engineering at Nirma University which helps me understand inner-workings of the tools around me. After my Graduation, I joined Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. and worked in New Projects division. My enthusiasm for the world of design and strategy paved my way to National Institute of Design (NID) where I received my Master's Degree in Strategic Design Management. I have also worked with a Social Start-up called Caring with Colour- A Manasi Kirloskar Initiative in the capacity of Solution Design Architect. I have worked on several trans-disciplinary projects which equipped me to tackle real-world problems with strong foundation of design processes and sensitivity.

Currently, I am working with OLX Group's Global User Research team. My work revolves around designing, planning and executing user research projects for emerging markets (globally).

I am always up for a complex challenge.
Feel free to contact me for any work related inquiries or just say hi. We can either find a great project to work or an awesome tea-place to hangout.


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Richard Thaler et al


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